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manifesto for stableglobalprogress party

Constitution/Manifesto for the Global Stable Progress Party.

Domestic Policy.

Agriculture & Food Production:

Reduction in use of antibiotics and vaccines in production of meat for human consumption in both imported and home produced meat.

No planning permission to be given in flood risk areas or coastal areas below sea level. Incentives in the form of tax relief for people to buy their house rather than rent. Affordable socially compatible housing to be built, destruction of high rise flats. Efforts made to encourage mixed ethnicity areas and incentives to reduce current areas of high particular ethnic density.

Leisure centres to run free courses on motivation and healthy living and rugby. Free memberships for all those earning less than £12,000. I feel if you get people out the house it’s a start.

Business & Technology compulsory syllabus for both girls & boys from the age of five upwards. Farm visits available to all schools. More interaction in schools from successful personalities of any genre.
Healthy lifestyle education. Food that provides maximum nutrition for healthy development. All schools must be mixed race, no school must have high percentages of a particular ethnicity.

Business  & Technology compulsory syllabus till end of A levels, more interaction in schools from successful personalities of any genre. Rugby to be the primary option for sport in all schools as it is more beneficial for personality development than football. Psychology & media studies an option for all students for gcse & A level. Lessons from History, to be taught in all secondary schools. The benefits of Education & Knowledge, to be taught in all secondary schools. Negatives of gambling to be taught in all secondary schools. (The House Always Wins)  Current Global issues such as sorting poverty & diplomacy to be taught in all secondary schools. All single sexed schools must be mixed. Healthy lifestyle education. Food that provides maximum nutrition for healthy development. All schools must be mixed race, no school must have high percentages of a particular ethnicity.

All universities must have a global employment,recruitment & business support arm dedicated to finding their students employment or starting their own business. Their effectiveness at this must be published and ranked for the public to assess. More interaction with successful personalities. Healthy lifestyle education.

Post Grads:
More post grad courses to be run, designed around the working day. Designed to be compatible with work & business life.

Grand Grads:
New courses designed to keep people upto date with new ideas and technology as they get older, helping them lead a longer productive life.

All parents of new registered babies must have genetic checks to confirm and register the biological parents.
Illegal for any company or indivdual to operate in the UK either physically or via the internet (companies that charge directly for products or services not those that provide a free service and rely on advertising for revenue) that use offshore tax havens.
Illegal to import goods or services that come from companies that use offshore tax havens.
The legalisation of all illegal feel good drug substances, reducing revenue for criminal gangs those with links to terrorism. This I do not take lightly, I realise this may result in deaths, increased mental health and social problems in the short term, I feel it will make us a stronger, wealthier nation in the long term. Research will also be done into making feel good drug substances safer as well as extensive healthy living education.
Legalisation of Prostitution to remove control from criminal gangs, reducing human trafficing revenue and reduction of finance for criminal gangs and terrorists.
Charities must publish indepth financial reports including how much their worth and every penny spent, maximum of £18,000 to be paid to any person working for a charity.
Illegal to sleep on the streets, arrest and take to hostels, where they would receive whatever help they need.
Reducation in length of sentences and number of people kept  in prison for all areas of crime except those guilty of murder, paedophilia, rape & grievous bodily harm.
Paedophiles to be kept in seperate secure units for genetic & psychological evaluation.
A register to be made from people who apply to live in close proximity to people who have committed minor crimes and need to find direction and purpose.
All food and sundries for British government organisations security, police, armed forces & NHS and anyother government bodies to be produced by British owned companies.
Supermarkets to give prominent position in stores to healthy nutritious products, which is constantly reviewed and kept up to date by dietitians.
All government empolyees eg.armed forces, police, nhs staff, other agencies to be taught business studies.
Removal of any official retirement age.
Women to be allowed any role in the our armed forces and any armed forces we train. As long as they are physically strong enough. My reasoning for this is that women are often the ones that suffer the most repression at the hands of many of the regimes we come into conflict with so they should be given the opportunity to fight for their freedom. As I would try and ensure our forces are only involved in training and supplying pro democratic forces rather than frontline fighting, I think female presence would increase attendance, dedication and respect for women in the forces we train and supply.

Minimum of two officers patrolling all problem areas twice daily. No officer to patrol alone anywhere.
More interaction with schools from primary upwards. Increase in quality and number of security cameras in socially vunerable areas. Emphasis on crime prevention, recognition for low crimes rates and positive public feedback. Drug Driving & testing equipment available to all on duty police officers.

Domestic Security:
Continue with infilitration off all people.

Scrapping of subsidy for all wind turbine projects. Focus on improving solar and nuclear and any other relatively green but effective avenues.

Electric cars, trains, support provided but licences and security controls required for all new international runways and airports. Compulsory every 6 months driver improvement courses.

Solar, Nuclear Power, Improving batteries, electric car & aircraft technology,  GM modification, Disease & Virus Control, Psychology, helping people manage problems such as addictive personalities. Protection and reward for intellectual property.

Social Media;
Facebook to be persuaded and supported to allow unlimited number of friends, all people struggling socially or economically must have facebook accounts in order to help support them.
Insist youtube gives greater precidence and coverage to issues such as poverty, inequality & conflict.
Provide a receptive platform for people to place and discuss ideas for stable global progress.

Easier to follow breakdowns of expenditure available on the internet, apart from military and security.
A governement body set up to ensure the land rights of indigenous & tribal people abroad via diplomacy and education. Ensuring the survival of their identity.

Foreign Policy.

Encourage, student exchange projects.

Persuade the Americans, Russians & Chinese to fund more space projects, work with them all, helping with ideas and enginering. Long term aiming to inhabit and colonise space.

Conflict Zones:
Infiltrate,diplomate,use troops to train and support that nations democratic forces, avoid frontline deployment where at all possible. Ex forces members to be given the option of diplomatic & development positions in troubled and developing regions. Support the land rights of the natives.

Infiltrate all suspect organisations. Locate and remove sources of finance from all negative individuals and organisations.

Promote British exports, both physical and intellectual.
Promote a global zero tolerance of tax havens.
Promote a global health service supported by a global taxation system.
Clarity in the supply chain of all imports ensuring only ethical companies an individuals benefit for a fair deal for those involved in the products and their country.
Allow into the country only those with particular skills which are in short supply controlling overcharging of in demand services in all aspects of society helping keep the cost of living under control.

Money in-
Tax on electric.
Tax revenue from prostitution as opposed to the money going to human trafficing criminal gangs.
Tax on Drugs similar to alcohol tax levels at the moment.
Tax from companies previously using offhsore tax havens.
Tax Revenue from increase in foreign visitors.
Money saved from reduction in job seekers allowance to two weeks maximum.
Money saved from reduction of people in prison.
Money saved from state pensions not paid until someone is declared not fit enough to work.
Money saved from streamlining all government bodies apart from NHS, police & education.

Money out-
Lost revenue from tax relief provided to new home owners.
Lost revenue from reduction in VAT back to 17.5%.
Increase in NHS budget, focusing on healthy lifestyle education.
Hostel provision and help for homeless people.
Increase in community and social workers.
Larger crisis teams dedicated to finding people employment if they lose their job.
More financial support for mothers.
Free leisure centre membership for people earning under £12,000.

Work in everyway possible to provide protection,infrastructure,education & opportunity for all those in need. No illegal slum housing areas, affordable socially compatible infrastructure and housing to be built, ideally using private sector investment in developing countries. Aiming for a sensibly lower average tax burden for all individuals and companies, by increasing areas of revenue and not tolerating companies that use offshore tax havens to avoid supporting stable global progress. Reducing the burden and wasted life created by those in jail.Reducing people trafficing. Making drugs no longer a taboo subject with a criminal underworld, but learning from the lessons of the failure of prohibition in America and making a stronger nation, with greater understanding and visible supply chain. Less reliance on oil. Land Rights for indigenous & tribal people, ensuring the survival of their identity.Even greater and more socially integrated health and police services. Rewarding intellectual property, ideas and technological and scientific innovation.



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