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O3b space constellation to launch

O3b space constellation to launchWith backing from blue chip companies such as Google, O3b believes its novel system can change the broadband experience for millions of people.

"There are two billion people in the world that are connected to the internet today; there are five billion who are not; and three billion who will be in the course of the next 10-15 years," said Mr Collar. "The other three billion is our target - that's who we're trying to reach, and that's where our name comes from."



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About New Harvest

Established in 2004, New Harvest is the non-profit research institute building the field of cellular agriculture.   We strategically fund and conduct open, public, collaborative research that reinvents the way we make animal products – without animals. Source: About us – New Harvest

The facial expressions of mice: The face of a mouse reveals its emotions

The facial expressions of mice: The face of a mouse reveals its emotions -- ScienceDaily : Researchers have described different emotional facial expressions for mice. Similar to humans, the face of a mouse looks completely different when it tastes something sweet or bitter, or when it becomes anxious. With this new possibility to render the emotions of mice measurable, neurobiologists can now investigate the basic mechanisms of how emotions are generated and processed in the brain.