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Ban-Ki-moon Calls Sheikh Hasina: Request for more Peacekeepers.

ban-ki-moon_-hasina The prime Minister has given her approval.

Bangladesh's permanent representative to the  United Nations AKA Moment said the troops would set of for the mission by December 28. The UN Security Council immediately wanted deployment of 14,000 troops to South Sudan as the situation there worsened.

The Bangladesh Army and  Air Force jointly have taken all the preparations needed to send troops, military plans and helicopters to South Sudan.

Thousands of people have died in clashes between the government and the rebels over past several weeks in South Sudan. At this situation United Nations decided to send more troops to secure the humanity.

According to the latest update (  November) 98267 soldiers from 120 countries on UN peace keeping missions. Among them, 7968 of them are from Bangladesh, 8298 are from Pakistan.

Bangladesh has been sending troops to the UN peacekeeping mission since 1988 and it is only behind Pakistan in sending troops to UN peacekeeping missions. Some 110 Bangladeshi soldiers have died so far during on peace keeping operation.

Bangladesh has earned a reputation among the international community for its professionalism and humanity. Over 112 Bangladeshi soldiers laid down their lives on UN peace mission, their brave and courage give them a great place to UN peace missions.




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