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Bangladesh Made an Outstanding Result in Special Olympic

special olympic

Bangladesh won 43 gold, 25 silver, 10 bronze medals in several events out of 9 in Special Olympic 2013 Asia Pacific Games held in Australia. Special Olympic held from 1-7 December in which athletes from 29 Asia Pacific and East Asia Regions were competed. Special Olympic is a great opportunity for the children and adults with intellectual disabilities which offers year-round training and competitions to more than 4.2 million athletes in 170 countries. Special persons who want but can't participate in other tournament, they take participation in special Olympic.

Bangladeshi disabled players made an fabulous results in special Olympic 2013. They prove themselves by wining a number of medals which was the highest gold medals in any international games for Bangladesh. Munni Akter, Humayun, Sagor, Chaiti, Siddik, Parul, Nipa Bosh and Nayeem won more than one gold medals and brought glory and joy for the country. Team Bangladesh also became the unbeaten champions both in cricket and football.

Being the players of a developing country like Bangladesh, they don't get all facilities for development. Some of them are from very poor family, besides they get negligence most of the time from their family and relatives. Without getting enough facilities, training and opportunities, their achievements are really huge. Bangladeshi special Olympic players can improve a lot and can bring great achievement for the country if they get a little bit more attention.

The Bangladesh team got a colorful reception for their outstanding performance back from the Special Olympic at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on 10th December awarded by the state minister for social welfare, Promod Mankin . Besides, the Bangladesh Football Federation hailed the Bangladesh Special Olympic team for their special achievements, they congratulated the players and officials of the Bangladesh Special Olympic team.


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