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Hello Progressives from around the world!

As the newbie blogger here at Stable Global Progress, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to introduce myself.  I am a life-long political junkie who finds himself at the centre-left of the political spectrum on most political issues (especially those concerning social questions, the environment, and economic development).  I can float to the centre on economic issues, depending on what’s up for discussion, but overall I consider myself a progressive.

I ran for the House of Commons here in Canada at the federal level in 2008 and 2011 for the Liberal Party of Canada (once with St├ęphane Dion as leader, and once with Michael Ignatieff).  Unfortunately both times I lost.  But I was able to associate with many of the progressive policies put forth by both guys, and I was never ashamed of our platforms.

For those who don't know Canadian politics, for comparative purposes running for the Liberals was like running for a mix of Labour/Lib-Dem in the UK, the left-wing of the Democrats in the US, or the centre-left part of the Socialists in France or Germany.

I am also a trained political scientist, and have taught at different universities in the province of Quebec over the past 15 years, primarily at a small liberal arts school called Bishop's University.  Most of my academic work is in the field of international relations.  I look at questions such as international development, questions of war and peace, and Canadian foreign policy.

Every couple of days (or if something really interesting pops up), I'll feed you news and analysis of what is going on with progressive politics in Canada.  Maybe I'll talk about Rob Ford (come on, you all know Ford represents Canada...).  Maybe I'll explain why the Economist doesn't like us anymore.  But I generally write about pretty interesting stuff and in an engaging fashion, and how Canadian politics can have an impact on the global stage.  Hope you'll enjoy and maybe learn some things about the great white north.

Cheers eh,



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