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Pakistan declared one of the premiers in world research

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="691"]Pakistan declared one of the premiers in world research Pakistan declared one of the premiers in world research[/caption]

Pakistan has attained a remarkable fifty percent boost in the number of world research publications in previous two years, ranking up from 3939 to 6200 in higher education sector. This has been known as the second most elevated boost in the rankings globally. The world’s leading research database, Scimago has predicted that if the current velocity keeps on going at the same rate in Pakistan, then by 2018, the country will move further 26 notches in the global chart from 43 to 27. This augmentation in world research publication will take Pakistan further then the major players in Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Additionally, the amount of faculties for PhD has also increased dramatically by 50% in the universities of Pakistan in these two years. These PhD scholars are selected to continue their studies in one of the finest faculties available to humankind for gaining education. The selection process from which they undergo is flawlessly clean and fully merit based. Almost 10 to 15 scholars are carrying out their PhDs on a weekly basis and are placed by HEC at the universities under Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Program (IPFP). Other HEC benefits that are offered comprises of a 0.5 million scholarship for every returning scholar to pursue their world researches.

By promoting and initiating creativity, innovation and enlightenment through education and valued researches, the universities of the country have become vital contributors towards the economy and the betterment of the society. HEC in this process is proud to encourage and motivate individuals for the proper utilization of the skills they attain in the country’s socio-economic progress. The instructors, teachers and known scholars together stresses the government and put forward the resolution for putting more and more budget to the education sector which may promptly end up giving Pakistan an edge on the threshold of innovation and technology with future progress as well.


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