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The British Council in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has decided on embarking on a joint venture for promoting higher education in Pakistan, a feat which is the primary goal of HEC. A strategy document between the two bodies is decided to be developed.

This co operation was agreed upon in a meeting held recently between a delegation from the British Council, headed by Director Jo Beall and Executive Director HEC Dr Mukhtar Ahmed.

The collaboration between HEC and BC is not new, since the two are working together for the past couple of decades for similar educational purposes. In past, BC has awarded 25000 scholarships for PhD students, and facilitated return of 500 highly qualified Pakistanis to Pakistan for servicing their home country on long term basis. Pakistan and UK have had faculty exchange programs as well and researchers from both the countries have worked together on researches of mutual interest.

According to Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, promoting education is the only solution for the multiple problems faced by Pakistan. “We are encouraging our researchers to focus on research that is relevant to country’s social and economic needs. We want our institutions of higher learning to develop indigenous solutions for indigenous problems,” he added.

The youth of Pakistan is streaming with talent and they are in need of encouraging circumstances to help them excel further. The HEC of Pakistan is aiming to achieve this by providing scholarships for higher studies, promoting exchange programs between Pakistan and foreign countries, increasing the educational standard of the universities of Pakistan and so on; and the British Council has been extending a helping hand along the way.


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