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World's Largest Human Flag in Bangladesh

World's Largest Human FlagIt was in an emotional display of patriotism that over 27,000 people proved their collective strength on 16 December as Bangladesh set the world record for the largest human flag ever made. And it could not be done at a more opportune moment or against a more desired opponent.

A staggering 27,117 people stand united, holding green and red boards above their heads, to put up the world’s largest ever-human flag at the National Parade Ground on Victory day of Bangladesh.

The National Parade Ground, where history was rewritten on 16 December, was buzzing with enthusiasm from the early morning, with as many as 27,117 participants students, members of Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force and Ansar Bahini ready to be a part of the big moment. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder, holding placards of a rectangular shape overhead, framing an exact replica of the national flag. As they raised their hands high into the air, the whole ground became a triumph of green and red. They stood there for six minutes and 16 seconds in that order.

It was a moment of pride and satisfaction for both the participants and millions of viewers watching the event on the ground or live on television. Saiful Islam Rabiul, a student volunteer from the Agargaon-Taltola Government Colony High School, who led the front section made up of his schoolmates, described what it was like to be a constituent part of the flag. “I woke up at seven in the morning and came here. It felt wonderful to be here,” said Rabiul, now in his sixth grade.

However, it was not an easy task for the organizers to manage such a large group of people, formed mostly by young girls and boys from different schools and madrasas. The hardest part was making sure they synchronized up with their older, and more organized, counterparts from the armed forces.


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