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DBBL Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is a banking process without bank branch, which provides financial services efficiently and within an affordable cost range to the community who are not familiar with banking. To provide banking and financial services through mobile technology devices like mobile phone is called mobile banking.

DBBL Mobile BankingDutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) is the pioneer in this mobile banking sector in Bangladesh from the year 2011. At the beginning they started this service with only two mobile operators- CityCell and Banglalink as test basis and now they are working with Banglalink, CityCell, Airtel, Robi and GrameenPhone. You can register your mobile bank account with any of these mobile phone connections.

In order to register an account with DBBL mobile bank you need to go to any DBBL nominated agent or any mobile operator’s service point with your following documents:

  • Two copies of your recent photograph

  • Photocopy of your National ID card or Birth Certificate

  • Nationality Certificate Issued by your local City Corporation Councilor

Fill-up and submit the DBBL mobile banking account form to the agent. Agent will go to customer registration system through his/her mobile to insert your mobile number into the system and within a few minutes, you will get a POP SMS asking you to reply with your own-selected 4 digit PIN. After that, you will get another SMS with the confirmation of your account opening with DBBL mobile banking. Your mobile number will be you account number now. You need to open a DBBL mobile banking account with an initial deposit of 100/- BDT.

In DBBL mobile banking system there have two-step security system for your account. First security is your own selected PIN and second is the check digit. You will get your Check digit with your account opening confirmation SMS. Do not forget them, whenever you will use your account, you need to verify yourself by using these PIN and check digit. So, it is very important to remember them forever.

Mobile BankingHere I am presenting you the DBBL mobile banking service offers:

  • Cash-in (Deposit money into your account)

  • Cash-out (Withdraw money from your account)

  • Mobile balance recharge

  • Person to person Transfer (Transaction between DBBL mobile bank accounts)

  • Foreign Remittance

  • Salary Disbursement

  • Balance inquiry

  • Bill Payment

  • Merchant Payment

DBBL Mobile Banking is highly secured as it uses USSD or SMS+IVR as its communication channel. In case of USSD, both the instructions and PIN are communicated using USSD while in case of SMS+IVR, instructions are sent via SMS and PIN via IVR (voice channel); both the USSD and IVR are secured for transmission of PIN.

Your money is safe as none can withdraw your money without taking possession of your Mobile set, PIN and Check digit together. None will be able to deposit unwanted money into a Mobile Account without knowing the check digit (although the mobile number is publicly known).

So, you can think yourself safe and secure with mobile banking!


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