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Nepal Airlines set to increase job opportunities

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The Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is all set to double its employee numbers in the coming months as it prepares to add new planes to its fleets.  Officials from the company recently announced to the media that it would add more than 1000 new job vacancies. Lately the company has been struggling to cope up with flight delays and grounding of planes. Yet with the new orders and added employees, the airline is expected to make a comeback in the international sector and turn to profitable ways again.

Back to recovery mode

NAC was established in 1958. In fact, it was established before many of the currently famous international airline companies like Singapore Airways and Thai Airways. At its peak NAC operated flights towards several international destinations across Europe and Asia. But within the last 2 decades the company badly lost out to its competitors.  Mismanagement and rampant corruption have been blamed for the fall of the company. The company has been irregularly operating flights with its 2 Boing-757 planes. It has also operated at a loss for many years. However the scenario is expected to change once it starts receiving its order of 2 Airbus planes as well as a few small aircrafts from a Chinese manufacturer.

Tourist flow expected to grow with new planes

Nepal's tourism sector is one of the main sources of foreign income. Thousands of tourists visit the country every year to see its scenic locations and welcoming environment. Yet, due to lack of adequate flights, the country hasn't been able to utilize its capacity. However the order of new planes is expected to give a huge boost to the tourism sector. With a few regional airports set to get upgrades too, many international chains have started construction of new hotels too. It's expected that the country would be able to welcome many more tourist numbers by 2015 after the addition of international flights by NAC.


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