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PAKISTAN: Lahore Civic Hackathon

Imagine a high caliber, well qualified individual living in pathetic circumstances due to underdeveloped state of the country, and consequently of his/her city as well. Countless such individuals are part of Pakistan’s population, whose hearts cry out to do something for the betterment of their country utilizing their educational skills, but the idea seldom sees light of the day because of unavailability of relevant platforms in the country.

Lahore Civic Hackathon 2014 is an event aimed at filling this void. The event is scheduled to take place from Jan 24th to Jan 26th and it calls open invitation for all designers, web developers, hackers, urban mappers and data analysts with a sense for civic improvement to present ideas or contribute to them in any form. The event is a splendid opportunity for innovative people whose minds keep on bubbling with ideas to get things better in their part of the world, to present them to like-minded people and discuss their practical implementation.

During the event, participants will also be addressed by field specialists to further spark their enthusiasm in the field and to get possible practical outlines for their ideas.

Previous examples in this regard include the digitalized work tactic of the Punjab Police for crime rate reduction. In August 2013, Punjab Information Technology Board designed an application through which crime prone areas could be mapped for better identification in future. Smartphones containing this application were provided to the police officials all through the city. This practice helped identify around 700 crime hot pockets. Several other digitalization options are being explored by the government of Punjab, some of which are in initial phase, while others are waiting to get started. The arrangement of this event is a great way to get the brilliant minds of the country together for the modification of existing ideas as well.


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