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Pakistani Lyceum school mates came out brilliantly at Harvard World MUN

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="187"]The Lyceum School Pakistan The Lyceum School Pakistan[/caption]

The Lyceum school from Pakistan included in the elite list of international delegates that has performed well at North American MUN conference held in Boston at Harvard’s MUN in January and obtains the position within top 10 in the ranking. The team from Lyceum school won nine awards there. This is not the first time that Pakistani Students has won this honorable award, previously students from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has already won the Best Small Delegation award for 5 consecutive years.

The Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic model; its basic role is to educate the participants from around the globe to learn about the ideals and functioning of The United Nations. The MUN conferences held their sessions in different parts of the world enabling the young communities to exchange their ideas and opinion along with sharing their typical interests and held out debates regarding hot global topics within given circumference.

By engaging in this particular discussion, the different UN institution permits the participants to get precious vision into the policies and thematic priorities of the United Nation. In this way, the young delegates develop and refine their professional skills and their awareness of international politics.

The Lyceum School represented in twelve committees at Harvard MUN: DISEC, ECOFIN, SOCHUM, SPECPOL and Legal; alongside the European Union, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, Futuristic General Assembly, the Historical League of Nations, the United Nations Special Summit on Peacekeeping, and the United Nations Security Council.

The Lyceum Debate Team participated in the conference with the aim to grab maximum awards at Harvard MUN. Though, the young delegates understands that getting award at MUN does not mean that someone reach the summit of Mount Everest, instead by participating at such an important international conference the team from Lyceum school strengthen their relation with other delegations as well as sharing their ideas with other participants and listening to the other theories that certainly help understand world concerns over some particular issues. This worthy awareness will help the students a lot more than just getting awards there.


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