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Cells to restore eyesight are grown in lab and transplanted into blind mice

The prospect of restoring the sight of blind people with stem-cell transplants has come a step closer with a study showing that it is possible to grow the light-sensitive cells of the eye in a dish with the help of an artificial retina, scientists said. source

OECD launches plan to stop firms 'abusing' tax rules

The OECD hopes its recommendations will be put into action over the next two years and is working on an international legal structure that would help countries introduce the new rules quickly. source

Cancer surgery: Tumour 'sniffing' surgical knife designed

It is already used in hospitals around the world, but the surgeons can now analyse the smoke given off when the hot blade burns through tissue. source

UK Government to invest £60 million in world’s first air-breathing rocket engine

Built by UK company Reaction Engines REL, the unique engine is designed to extract the oxygen it needs for low atmosphere flight from the air itself, paving the way for a new generation of spaceplanes which would be lighter, reusable and able to take off and launch from conventional airport runways. source

3D printing: Second industrial revolution is under way

Using ever-cheaper printing hardware, researchers and hobbyists can build new robots as fast as they can dream them up source

Shot Pakistan schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai addresses UN

The schoolgirl, who set up the Malala Fund following the attack, presented a petition of more than three million signatures to the UN secretary general demanding education for all. source    

Scientists building the worlds first synthetic yeast

Synthetic biology involves assembling artificial genes to create new materials in a similar way that engineers build machines using many parts. Some even think it can form the basis of a new industrial revolution. source

Tiny stem-cell livers grown in laboratory

Tiny functioning human livers have been grown from stem cells in the laboratory by scientists in Japan. source