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manifesto for stableglobalprogress party

Constitution/Manifesto for the Global Stable Progress Party. Domestic Policy. Agriculture & Food Production : Reduction in use of antibiotics and vaccines in production of meat for human consumption in both imported and home produced meat. Housing: No planning permission to be given in flood risk areas or coastal areas below sea level. Incentives in the form of tax relief for people to buy their house rather than rent. Affordable socially compatible housing to be built, destruction of high rise flats. Efforts made to encourage mixed ethnicity areas and incentives to reduce current areas of high particular ethnic density. Leisure: Leisure centres to run free courses on motivation and healthy living and rugby. Free memberships for all those earning less than £12,000. I feel if you get people out the house it’s a start. Education- Primary: Business & Technology compulsory syllabus for both girls & boys from the age of five upwards. Farm visits avai

Lost Tax Revenue due to offshore tax havens.

To whoever may be interested, to all it concerns, I'd like a rough figure on how much tax revenue the UK government, the  American government etc lose out on due to offshore tax havens. This is an issue I feel needs a global approach as one government cannot act alone as the companies and individuals involved will simply move their companies out of the country that tries to address the issue.  It is a problem I feel which will only get worse if not addressed and the revenue that is lost is needed in order for the tax burden to be reduced on those that do not use offshore tax havens. The individuals and companies that take advantage of these offshore tax havens do all benefit from the protection, security and infrastructure provided by large tax revenues paid by those who do not. Business is an ever increasingly international affair and the taxation policies must change in order to keep up with this if humanity is to make progress. Kind Regards Land The Co