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Welcome to Betterific

Join Betterific: The Platform that Crowdsources Innovation Participate in innovation challenges to win cash prizes, connect with global brands, and get your ideas heard! Through our open innovation brainstorms, we’ll connect you with companies worldwide so you can collaborate and share your great ideas for developing and improving their products and services. Sign Up  and we’ll let you know each time we launch a new challenge! If you’re a brand and would like to sponsor a challenge,  check out our enterprise site  to get started. Source: Betterific | Welcome to Betterific

About New Harvest

Established in 2004, New Harvest is the non-profit research institute building the field of cellular agriculture.   We strategically fund and conduct open, public, collaborative research that reinvents the way we make animal products – without animals. Source: About us – New Harvest

Sentience and welfare of animals e-petition debate - 16 March 2020

Singapore's Shiok Meats hopes to hook diners with lab-grown shrimp

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Shiok Meats, a Singapore-based start-up whose name means very good in local slang, aims to become the first company in the world to bring shrimp grown in a laboratory to diners’ plates. Source: Singapore’s Shiok Meats hopes to hook diners with lab-grown shrimp