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World leaders sign Zero Hunger Declaration at Davos

  World leaders sign Zero Hunger Declaration at Davos .

How to Keep and Maintain Self-Discipline

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="320"] Self Discipline[/caption] Think of all the greatest achievers in the world. Whether it’s a sportsman you admire, a rockstar you worship, a scientist you respect or an artist you envy, do you believe that they are where they are only because they are talented or god-gifted? Do you believe in the college myth that the topper at your college became so only because of his/her ‘big brain’? Yes, you are right to point out that they may possess some natural gifts that you don’t. Yet that’s not the sole reason for their achievements. What if Roger Federer had stopped playing tennis altogether because of the pains in his teenage years? He probably wouldn’t have become the legend he is today. Or what if Einstein had avoided studying maths after those comments from his teacher, which labeled him as an idiot? Perhaps, nuclear energy would still be a mystery to humanity. It took hundreds of hours of practice for Federer t

Indian state wins coveted UN award

  [caption id="attachment_3173" align="alignleft" width="300"] God's own country[/caption] Known as God's own country, Indian state Kerala, for the first time, has won the prestigious Ulysses Prize from United Nation's World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) for its tourism project at Kumarakom and for bringing in excellence and innovation in the sector. The prizes were announced in Madrid, Spain and Kerala's Kumarakom project won the prize in the category "Innovation in Public Policy and Governance". The prizes were conceived to honour innovation, policy making and information dissemination the field of global tourism. The Kerala government official attributed the success to locals, communities, self help groups and business in the tourism sector who coordinated and cooperated well to make the project a success. Under Kumarakom project, the locals, including vendors, farmers and small business were supplying their farm produce to the

Sir James Dyson to create jobs for 3,000 engineers

  Sir James Dyson to create jobs for 3,000 engineers - Telegraph .

India celebrates its 65th Republic Day

After August 15, 1947 (when India earned its freedom from British Empire), January 26, 1950 remains the most important in the history of India and its people; since this was the day when India enacted its Constitution and done away with British rule completely. In 2014, India celebrated its 65th Republic Day across the nation as President Pranab Mukherjee greeted the public on the occasion. The day was celebrated in India's capital, New Delhi, where a ceremony was held near India Gate at Rajpath as India's first citizen received guard of honour from Indian Armed forces in the company of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was the chief guest this year. The President honoured personnels from armed forces who laid down their lines in the line of duty bestowing upon gallantry awards on them posthumously, in addition to that children who performed acts of bravery were also rewarded. The event also saw India flaunting its military might and cultural fervour. While the Indian Army

Alentejo has unemployment decreased by 5% in the end of 2013

The number of people that were registered in the Unemployment Center of the Alentejo region decreased 5% on December 2013. Also, this number decreased 2,6% in November. In September there were about 1265 job offers, which helped the unemployment to decrease. This decreasing rate has been appearing in the data from the last year, especially since August. Although this is a good new in some way, it’s a bad in other.  What we are seeing in this numbers is that people, thanks to the crisis, are emigrating. People are called to mensal presentations and to ensure they have been looking for work, if they don’t come, it’s supposed that they have emigrated (if they had found a job, the unemployment center would know). Especially young adults are emigrating, because after graduating college there’s no job for them, not even on a supermarket. Since some parents can’t afford (many are unemployed as well) to have their kids at home without any income, most of them emigrate to have a better life, ev

The City of Education: Rajshahi

Education is the backbone of every nation. To develop any nation, it must need educated work force and it is the key of national progress. Do you know any place in the world, which is recognized for their educational identity? I think there is only one city in the world called the city of education though I am not sure. Yes, I am talking about the city of Rajshahi in the country of Bangladesh . You may ask why we call it the city of education . This is actually very simple, because of the huge establishment of educational institutions. In Rajshahi we have 41 Kindergarten schools, 911 Primary Schools, 30 Junior High Schools, 215 Secondary High Schools, 63 Colleges, 2 Government Universities, 7 Private Universities, 1 Teachers Training Institute, 1 Physical Training Institute, 20 Polytechnic Institutes, 1 Blind/Disable School, 36 Mass Education Centers, total 489 various kinds of Madrasas, 36 Girls Schools, 36 Girls Colleges and 1 Medical College. Totally, in Rajshahi, we have 1890 educ

Pakistan to concentrate on Coal Reserves for Energy Production

Pakistan houses one of the largest coalfields in the world, spreading over 9,000 kilometer square. The Thar Desert in the Sindh province is estimated to have over 175 billion tonnes of coal. According to Shamsuddin A Shaikh, the Chief Executive Officer of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC), this is equivalent to 50 billion tonnes of oil, more than the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran put together, and can be utilized to produce more than 100,000 MW of electricity for 200 years. It is now an established fact that utilization of domestic coal is going to be the cheapest and most effective way for power generation in the long run. According to the National Transmission and Dispatch Company, the power demand will rise to 45,400MW in 2019-20, and 134,800MW in 2034-35. Whereas the country in unable to meet the increasing demand through the current power generation techniques, 40 percent of which rely on imported furnace oil_ a totally non affordable solution for an country going th

Attached to the River

The technical and engineering aspects of rivers, rather than aspects that go beyond the political boundaries of nations influence these treaties [caption id="attachment_3124" align="aligncenter" width="474"] The River Padma[/caption] A hundred years of cultural heritage of the vast community of Rajshahi , which was predominantly dependent on the river Padma , is on the verge of disappearance due to the change in the flow of the mighty river over the last two decades. Peoples of Rajshahi and actually the complete civilization of Rajshahi are attached to the River Padma. The Farakka barrage has caused a catastrophe for many in Rajshahi and other districts the Padma flows through. A recent study on the Padma River in Charghat upazila of Rajshahi conducted by ActionAid Bangladesh shows how the cultural rights of people are being undermined under the territorialisation concept. Throughout the decades, Bangladesh has been known as a riparian country. The econom

Great Success of Bangladeshi Scientists in Buffalo Genome Sequencing

A Bangladeshi company, Lal Teer Livestock Limited and and World's premier genome sequencing center, Beijing Genomics Institute jointly unraveled the water buffalo genome. A historic function was held at Hotel Radisson in the city with presence of renowned scientists and donors. In Bangladesh, buffalo is the main source of animal protein. With two million buffaloes,  Bangladesh is the ninth country in terms of buffalo population. Buffalo contributed more than 60% of the total milk in India and Pakistan, but in Bangladesh their contribution in dairy field was not significant yet today.  Great success of Bangladeshi scientists in Buffalo genome sequencing have created a greater possibility to develop better breeds of buffalo which is vital both for milk and meat. Ataur Rahman, Director of Department of Livestock Resources acknowledged the buffalo genome decoding by Lal Teer researchers. It's a great achievement as it was the first buffalo genome decoding in the world. Earlier geno

Now You can Snap Photos By Your Pocket Drone, A Great Adancement Of Technology

Air Drone is going to launch pocket drone to bring a revolutionary changes in technology. A personal flying robot will help you to capture photos and videos from the sky. Now anyone can take a spectacular aerial images that was previously unseen and hard to capture. AirDroids co-founded by Reuter, a San Diego drone evangelist recently launched its first product, pocket drone.  The popular crowd funding site, Kickstarter launched this project. The previous technology was very costly and software was difficult to operate. Creators Timothy Reuter, T J Johnson, and Chance Roth claimed that their drone is designed in a easy and user friendly way. It's very cheap in comparison to the DSLR camera of the aerial photographer. They can buy a pocket with controller for $495 and without controller it will cost $495. This pocket drone is easily controlled by an included report, Android phone or tablet with USB port or third party RC controller. It's very user friendly and it will take only

The educational talent of Pakistan

The fact that Pakistan is a country rich in educational talent is proved once again by the outstanding achievement of Moosa Feroze Tarer, from Mandi Bahauddin in Pakistan. He secured 1st position in an online World Mathematics Competition held in Australia. It is worth mentioning that he was in competition with no less than 1.4 million participants from across the world. He secured 4,405 points in total whereas the second position in the 11-13 years age category was also secured by a Pakistani student Hasnain with 4,303 points. In the 14-18 years age category as well, Pakistan managed to snatch the 2nd position as a Pakistani student named Osama secured 3318 points. The 13 year old boy, now referred as Math Wizard, has been awarded a gold medal in Australia and appointed the Math Ambassador for the country. Moosa said that he had been trying to win the competition since 2009 and also clinched the 5th spot in 2011. He was also awarded bronze and silver medal in Kangaroo International Co

Potential diabetes 'cure' to end misery of insulin jabs

  Potential diabetes 'cure' to end misery of insulin jabs | Health | News | Daily Express .

Additional 850 Nepali peacekeeping troops to be deployed in South Sudan

[caption id="attachment_3092" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Nepali peacekeeping troops working at South Sudan[/caption] Amidst the growing turmoil in South Sudan, the UN has confirmed that an additional 850 Nepal Army personnel are going to be deployed to support the peace process in the country. Of them, 350 army personnel of the Nepal Army are going to be transferred from the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). The army men would be deployed in the field as part of the UN peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). Preventing an ethnic war The decision to increase the peacekeeping army size comes from the UN amidst a degrading conflict situation in the country. It's estimated that millions of civilians have been displaced from their homes since the heightening of the conflict. The internal conflict of the country has risen to a serious point since the power tussle between president Salva Kiir and the deposed vice-president,

South Sudan rivals sign ceasefire agreement

  BBC News - South Sudan rivals sign ceasefire agreement .

Cycling making a comeback in Nepal

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="960"] A view of cyclists riding around the hills of Kathmandu Valley. Image courtesy[/caption] The Kathmandu Valley ring road is an inevitable part of life for people within the valley. The current 4 lane road is all set to expand to 8 lanes, with the financial support from China. One of the major things that's got people excited about the project is the building of 2 cycle tracks within the road. Despite the fact the there is only going to be 2.5m set for pedestrians and cycles on each side of the road, the recognition of this environmentally friendly and healthy means of transportation from the government has indeed been applauded by many. With cycles and public transportation being considered to be the important aspect in modern cities, Nepal is all set to embrace this global trend in its new road. Cycling tourism growing throughout the country Every weekend the roads leading to various nature

Alentejo is elected one of the destination to go in 2014

[caption id="attachment_3046" align="alignright" width="150"] The city council puts some wood to burn during the night to keep people warm during the cold nights on the winter. Some people have no money to pay electricity or can't buy a heater.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3045" align="alignleft" width="150"] The beautiful architecture of Évora is seen everyone. Some is just hidden...[/caption] The region of Alentejo in Portugal was elected one of the best sites to visit in Portugal by the Portuguese Association of the Travel and Tourism Agencies. The island of Acores was also nominated as Favorite Destination 2014. National Geographic also elected this region as a mandatory destination in 2014. The Portuguese Association chose Évora to receive its congress, which is very important. The Ecorkhotel in Évora has been a huge attraction to visitors thank to its amazing new concept. This hotel and SPA  uses cork to coa

Ancient to Modern: A Journey of a City Rajshahi

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is usually known as Bangladesh that means “Country of Bengal”. Today here I am going to introduce you with this country and especially with the most ancient city of Bangladesh. I am talking about the city of Education, the Silk city, Rajshahi. Rajshahi is a city in western Bangladesh, and the divisional headquarters of Rajshahi Division as well as the administrative district that bears its name and is one of the seven metropolitan cities of Bangladesh. Rajshahi was formerly known as Rampur Boalia. The town was given importance in 1825, when the East India Company shifted the administrative headquarters to the district of Rajshahi from Natore to then Rampur Boalia, mainly for the ease of communication from Calcutta through the Hooghly river, Bhairab River and Padma river. The Heritage Rajshahi is famous for its characteristic sweetmeats, not to be found anywhere else in the country. These special preparations include Roshkodom, Khaja, Raghobshahi and

Construction at Nepal's first tunnel highway going in full swing

[caption id="attachment_3028" align="alignnone" width="692"] A replica door of the Hetauda tunnel highway, at a local fare in 2013.[/caption] With the aim of completing Nepal's first tunnel highway by 2016, work is going in full swing at the Hetauda-Kulekhani-Kathmandu Tunnel Highway. The promoters of the project, Nepal Purwadhar Bikas Company Limited (NPBCL), started work on the highway in November, 2013. The highway is expected to reduce the distance between the capital city Kathmandu and the industrial city of Hetauda by more than half. While people currently travel more than 133 KM from Kathmandu to reach Hetauda, the new 56 KM highway to the city will save both time and fuel for travelers. A lot of infrastructure and property projects are also expected to boom around the places near the highway. This kind of project will be the first of its kind in this mountainous nation. The project already has managed to capture the public's imagination be

Nepal says no to GMO

[caption id="attachment_3018" align="alignnone" width="891"] Farmers of Nepal protesting against GMOs.[/caption] The supreme court of Nepal last week ordered to temporarily ban imports of genetically modified seeds. This follows after a series of protests led by some popular independent youth groups and supported by the public. Since the massive failure of genetically modified maize seeds to yield even basic returns to several farmers across the country in the course of the last few seasons, public sentiment was getting more negative against GMO seed imports. The decision by Nepal's Supreme Court has been welcomed by many people inside and outside the country. Public sentiment against imported genetically modified seeds had gradually been growing throughout the world. A lot of anti-GMO activists throughout the world have welcomed the decision by the court and have called it a 'landmark'. Around a month back, news about a local importing compan

Google's new offering: Contact lens for diabetic patients

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="620"] The Google Contact Lens[/caption] Diabetic patients of today need to bear the trouble of pricking their fingertips whenever they have to get readings of their blood sugar level. However, with the announcement of the Google Contact Lens on January 16, 2014, pricking yourself could be a thing of the past soon. Equipped with antenna and sensors the Google Contact Lens can regularly feed data to a device that shows the readings. It's estimated that more than 35 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide. So the technology could indeed benefit millions of people. Google also announced that it had already performed successful trials with patients and now was looking for partners in the medical industry to roll out the product in markets. Furthermore, the company also informed that it was looking at ways to make modifications to the product so as to warn patients about dangerous levels of blood sugar. The case

Dhaka- the City of Hope

The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka, located on the east banks of the Buriganga River in the heart of Bengal Delta. With its 15 million people Dhaka is the 8th largest city in the world. Every year thousands of people come Dhaka in search of livelihood. More than 400,000 cycle and rickshaw found on the street of Dhaka everyday. Dhaka city was established by Subedar Islam Khan on 1608-1610 by the order of Emperor Jahangir. Previously Dhaka was known as Jahangir Nagar in the 17th century under the Mughal Empire. It was the center of the world wide Muslim trade. It is considered as the centre of the Bangladeshi economy.  Every year thousands of tourists visit Dhaka to visit the historical and amazing places of Dhaka. The National Parliament designed by Louis I. Kahn is situated at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar built with a huge complex geometrical plan. It has distinctive architectural feature which attracts tourists. This historical architecture represents the Bangladeshi culture and heritage. One

Vitamin E Has More Benefits than Memory Drugs

Recent study show that vitamin E may have more benefits than memory drugs in combating the disease Alzheimer. According to the study published in JAMA, a daily dose of 2000 IU of vitamin E safely and effectively showed the functional decline of Alzheimer's for patients with mild to moderate forms of the neurodegenerative disorder. Researchers from the Minneapolis VA Health Care System divided a group of 613 Alzheimer's patients at 14 Veterans Affairs Medical centers into three groups.  Among the three groups, one group was prescribed the dosage of vitamin E, another received the drug memantime, and a third group prescribed placebo. Over the follow-up time of 2.3 years, those who received vitamin E showed slower decline in their ability to perform daily activities than participant's receiving the placebo. Decline among those receiving vitamin E was reduced by 19 percent annually, which translated to a slowdown in the progression of those daily functions of 6.2 months. The pa

Raising Rajshahi, A City of Peace in Bangladesh

A group of students from the University of Rajshahi films this short documentary Raising Rajshahi . They love to introduce them as ‘Power 15 th ’. Rajshahi is a metropolitan city in the country of Bangladesh. We love to introduce our city as ‘ City of Education ’. ‘Power 15 th ’ has tried to focus on our City Rajshahi. I wish you will love this and after watching this I believe you will plan for a trip to Rajshahi, Bangladesh during your next vacation. After a long span of time from our glorious liberation war now we can say that we have developed enough to attract you to have a visit to our lovely city. So, let’s enjoy the video Raising Rajshahi !

Lack of fellow women baffles top British engineer Dame Ann Dowling

  Lack of fellow women baffles top British engineer Dame Ann Dowling – Science – News – The Independent .

Bangladesh Achieved Great Strides in Population Health

Despite a weak health system, low spending on health and widespread poverty, Bangladesh achieved great strides in population health. The development in life expectancy, TB control, vaccination rates, and a child's chances of surviving past the age of five is evident, as per a series of focus papers published in the Lancet. This success, in the eighth most populous country in the world, comes due to specific health programs which have focused on such issues like family planning, gender equality, immunization, and diarrhea treatment, said the researchers. Another positive factor has been the wide use of health workers going out into communities. Mushtaque R Chowdhury, a professor of population and family health at BRAC University said life expectancy in general  had increased to 68.3 years which is above than neighboring India and Pakistan. Maternal mortality had dropped by 75 percent since 1980's and infant mortality has more than halved since 1990, said Mr. Chowdhury. Three big

South Sudan's Government Regains Control of Strategic Town

  South Sudan’s Government Regains Control of Strategic Town .