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Syria: debate on the refugee crisis - with Justine Greening and WFP's Ertharin Cousin


Over 2 million people have been forced to flee Syria and many more are caught in the crossfire inside the country. How is international aid helping them?

Join the UK's Development Secretary Justine Greening and the World Food Programme's Ertharin Cousin in this live recording of yesterday's panel discussion (18 September 2013).

With (in order of appearance)

Ros Atkins – BBC News journalist and World Have Your Say presenter

Ertharin Cousin – Executive Director of the UN's World Food Programme

Justine Greening – The UK's Secretary of State for International Development

Ammar Waqqaf – An independent Syrian political analyst based in the UK

Mahmoud Mosa – a Syrian refugee staying in a camp in Kilis, Turkey

Hanin Ghaddar – Lebanese journalist and editor of NOW English, based in Beirut

Get the latest updates on UK aid to Syria at:…t-updates-on-uk-aid


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