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Bangladesh Waves Largest Human National Flag: Breaks Guinness World Record

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="665"]Bangladeshis form world's largest human flag on victory day Bangladeshis form world's largest human flag on victory day[/caption]

The world's largest human national flag of Bangladesh was waved at the National Parade Ground in Dhaka on Monday, December 16 to mark the victory day and to break the Guinness World Record for the largest human national flag.

27,117 volunteers from the Bangladesh Army, educational institutions and the general public stood up holding red and green placards to form this largest human national flag. The participants stood there for 6 minutes 16 seconds, setting the new records for the largest human national flag, according to the World Record Academy.

A Guinness accredited auditor was present to oversee the attempt. All relevant documents and images will be sent to the Guinness World Record Committee for validation.

The main objective of the event was not only to celebrate the Victory Day but also to show the world the inner strength and unity of the people of Bangladesh. Huge number of people gathered here spontaneously.

Bangladeshi mobile phone operator Robi in collaboration with the Bangladesh Army made the event successful. In spite of political unrest, a huge number of people gathered at National Parade Ground to be the part of the history.

Previously the Guinness World Record's record for the largest human national flag consisted of 24,200 participants in the National Hockey stadium in Lahore, Pakistan was created on October 21,2012. And it's slight co-incident that Bangladesh grab their victory from Pakistan in 1971, and they create new world record breaking the previous record made by Pakistan.




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