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Pakistani journalist receives WTN award

Pakistani journalist Athar Osama wins WTN award winnerPakistani media journalist Athar Osama has been given the all-renowned WTN award for his rigorous efforts to stimulate Islamic sciences again. The award has been given to him in an event held in UN Building, New York. The World Technology Network (WTN) award is considered as the Oscar of Technology & Sciences in the world.  Osama Athar has received the WTN award from some of the most talented and influential people in the field of Science, Media and Journalism, which includes Science Advisor for USAID Mr. Alex Dehgan.

“I am deeply moved and thankful to be honored by a WTN award and my efforts being recognized amid the privileged world leaders in Science and Technology who are looking and preparing for the future,” expressed by an energized Athar Osama to renowned Pakistani daily The Express Tribune. Osama’s ground-breaking work is to produce and bring main ideas from Islamic Scientific approach on to the mainstream media through journalism – promoting Muslim scientific intelligence through his own online website as well.

Athar Osama, since 1992, has been actively contributing articles on a bulk scale about innovation policies and sciences themes for the major English newspapers of Pakistan, and later on in the international journals and online blogs. In his speech at the event at UN Building in New York, he said “We whole of humanity cannot lead and progress to make this Earth a safer and a better progressed place to live excluding 1.8 billion Muslims from the rewards and achievements of science and technology. My own website is committed and dedicated to provide more and more knowledge in this dominion.”

Athar Osama has been supported and backed up in his efforts by renowned Scientific personalities from Muslim world such as COMSTECH’s Dr. Attaur Rahman, Science Advisor for Malaysian PM Dr. Ah Zarki and Saudi Science Minister Dr. Mohammad ibn Ibrahim Al-Suwaiyel. Osama believes that supports and letters from these persons in his support have also proved quite significant for his efforts to be recognized internationally in the developed nations and for getting him the WTN award.

According to Osama, his website is just the initial stage. “We are looking forward to expand and launch a series of most important and motivating signatures measures alongside our web portal that will unable to make vital contributions towards the weaknesses and lack of knowledge currently in the Islamic world,” Athar Osama expressed dedicatedly.


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