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Alentejo has unemployment decreased by 5% in the end of 2013

Alentejo1downloadThe number of people that were registered in the Unemployment Center of the Alentejo region decreased 5% on December 2013. Also, this number decreased 2,6% in November. In September there were about 1265 job offers, which helped the unemployment to decrease. This decreasing rate has been appearing in the data from the last year, especially since August.

Although this is a good new in some way, it’s a bad in other.  What we are seeing in this numbers is that people, thanks to the crisis, are emigrating. People are called to mensal presentations and to ensure they have been looking for work, if they don’t come, it’s supposed that they have emigrated (if they had found a job, the unemployment center would know).

Especially young adults are emigrating, because after graduating college there’s no job for them, not even on a supermarket. Since some parents can’t afford (many are unemployed as well) to have their kids at home without any income, most of them emigrate to have a better life, even if they have to sleep with 5 people in the same room, and to send money to their parents.

All the regions have suffered this decrease except the region of Acores, which it has actually increased due to political reasons, mostly.

These numbers aren’t showing the reality either, some people don’t register themselves because they feel ashamed or because it doesn’t shows the expensive way of life they’re living, and everyone would be aware that they are “poor”.

There are also big companies hiring people (especially young adults) about 6 months, which is the minimum time of employment that anyone has to have before they can ask for a subsidy. These companies are seen as job giver, but in reality they only hire for 6 months. The income is protested by some but usually the workers of this company defend that the income is great. (about 300 euros)




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