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Fog Collection: A technology that's indeed life changing

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="540"] A fog farm[/caption]

Fog collection, a technology that allows large vertical canvases to collect water from the damp air, has changed lives throughout the world. Initially applied around the Atacama Desert in Chile, the technology now has managed to quench the thirst of thousands of people the world over. The technology has proven to be a boon in places without any visible or easily collectable source of water. The technology has specially been popular around high and arid mountainous areas in the world.

How exactly is it done?

Initially a huge mesh net is joined on two poles and placed in a vertical position. The mesh is made up of made of special synthetic fibers. When damp air gets in contact with it, droplets of water get trapped and slowly collect to form big drops of water. The water so collected slowly pass down the nets and fall down to an open pipe below. The water collected on the pipe slowly fall down towards a storage tank. On average around 50 Litres of water could be collected on a 10'X10' canvas everyday. Around 2% of the fog's water content, which passes through the net, is collected by the nets.

A life changing technology

Fog collection projects have managed to relieve a lot of people from the load of fetching water from long distances away from home. At the same time the water is not polluted too. In many backward hill regions, its women who do the job of fetching water. However, with this technology many women have been liberated from making a distant journey everyday, just to drink water.

More effective technology being researched

A group of researchers from the MIT recently declared that they had found ways to harvest 5 times more water from fog collection systems. By the use of special steel based mesh, the team observed that as much as 10% of the water passing through the net could be collected. Hence with more innovation, lives certainly would be easier for people living in many dry places throughout the world.


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