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Hybrid Automobile Technology making way into Pakistan

Introduction of the first hybrid car by Toyota is being celebrated by the automobile savvy fraction of people in Pakistan. Indus Motor Company, who is the manufacturer of different models of Toyota in Pakistan, has launched Toyota Prius, which is specifically customized according to the road conditions of Pakistan. This is an extra benefit, in addition to the eco-friendly nature of the hybrid cars. Parvez Ghias, CEO Indus Motors, says: "It is indeed a great milestone, not only in the history of IMC, but, of the entire nation. For more than 2 decades, the IMC is focused on delivering customer delight and in continuation of our heritage we bring to Pakistan."

The range of this vehicle is globally known to possess highly advanced hybrid technology, with almost zero emission percentage. In a scenario when energy crisis is not getting any better with time, hybrid cars are just the kind to look forward to.

Soon after Toyota, Honda also launched Honda CR-Z in the same category. Being a little cheaper than Prius, this two door beauty is more attractive for the younger market. “It is an ideal car for those who recognize the value of advanced technology“said President of Honda Atlas Pakistan, Takehari Aoki.

Hybrid cars are going to seize the market in the coming future as technology is advancing at a fast pace, making high-tech environment friendly stuff available at reduced costs with time. So, although these vehicles are ridiculously expensive right now in Pakistan, their launching still paves way for a green economy, which may be hoped to become affordable for the general population some day. The common availability of cheap and efficient mobile phones is a fair example in this regard, which has revolutionized technology access for even the lower class masses of Pakistan.


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