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Employment in Portugal shows progress

The director of Portugal Nestlé announced that this Swiss company will create about 350 new jobs in Portugal because Human Resources department has being receiving a lot of applications and it's difficult to review them all. The program of recruiting has started on January of 2014, although the registrations were opened before. Although only 160 people will be directly hired, 190 people still have the opportunity to get a period of training.

Beside Nestlé, Bosch has also a lot of recruiting programs towards Portuguese population which can be opportunity to hire new people to their manufacturing unities, which includes Volcano in Aveiro, Car Multimédia in Braga and security devices in Ovar.

Heineken is also increasing their production in Vialonga factory and will need about 200 new employees.

In what comes to technology, SAP Portugal, a company of management software has launched a hiring program where about 300 technicians are required and still have jobs available to take. Roff, SAP's solution Manager, will need to hire at least 80 new technicians in 2014

Vodafone created in 2013 a contact center in Braga, requiring to 110 new people to work. However they're increasing this center and need more 200 employees in 2014.

Microsoft has also created in Lisbon a call center based on costumer support regarding Office 365. They need about 25 people although they admit that if people start to use the Office, increasing its usage, they have to increase their recruiting as well. As the international market becomes a client of the new Office 365 the recruiting will have to grow in the same portion.

Being in a crisis where people lost their jobs and some never never had one, these companies are helping in the progress of Portugal.



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