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Easy to get a Machine Readable Passport of Bangladesh

Machine Readable Passport of BangladeshOnce upon a time, it was not that easy to get a passport in Bangladesh. It was a time about more than twenty years ago. In that time if someone wanted to get passport, there was only way to talk with an unauthorized agent who can help to get that. I’ve mention the term unauthorized because these people actually maintained correlation with some government officials for money to issue a passport. They were just middleman or broker. And the Fee of application for a passport was 2000 BDT but those agents charged 4000 BDT for each passport. There was one more problem and I think that was the big one. There had no time limit to get a passport in your hand. If you were lucky and got an agent, you could get your passport within seven days and if you ignored the agents then only almighty could say when you would get your passport in your hand.

But the time has been changed. Now you can ignore agents and it’s guaranteed that you will get your modern Machine Readable Passport of Bangladesh in your hand within only 21 days. And the Fee is only 3000 BDT per passport. Actually, there have few categories, if you are going to apply for a new passport or want to renew your old passport in regular way, the Fee is only 3000 BDT per Machine Readable Passport. But if you want to get a new passport or want to renew your old passport urgently, you have to pay 6000 BDT as fee and you will get it within maximum 15 days.

Recently Bangladesh government has made the easiest way to get a passport. Now you can apply through the website of the Department of Immigration and Passport ( Just go to that website, fill-up form, pay the fee through Teletalk Payment System which is the only Government Mobile Operator Payment System in Bangladesh and submit the form with your Teletalk Payment Number. Within a minute you will get a message in your mobile and email with your passport delivery information and that’s it.

There have no middleman problem, no long line maintenance problem for submitting your passport form. Just fill-up the form, make your payment through Teletalk Payment System, submit the form and wait for your passport. You will get your passport within 21 days in your hand.


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