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Now You can Snap Photos By Your Pocket Drone, A Great Adancement Of Technology

AirDroids Pocket Drone. Photo: AirDroidsAir Drone is going to launch pocket drone to bring a revolutionary changes in technology. A personal flying robot will help you to capture photos and videos from the sky. Now anyone can take a spectacular aerial images that was previously unseen and hard to capture. AirDroids co-founded by Reuter, a San Diego drone evangelist recently launched its first product, pocket drone.  The popular crowd funding site, Kickstarter launched this project.

The previous technology was very costly and software was difficult to operate. Creators Timothy Reuter, T J Johnson, and Chance Roth claimed that their drone is designed in a easy and user friendly way. It's very cheap in comparison to the DSLR camera of the aerial photographer. They can buy a pocket with controller for $495 and without controller it will cost $495.

This pocket drone is easily controlled by an included report, Android phone or tablet with USB port or third party RC controller. It's very user friendly and it will take only 20 seconds to unpack and launch. Under $500you can get longest flight time of any multi-copter. It is foldable and folds up to the size of small tablet for portability.

On March 9, the pocket drone campaign will be finished, their initial goal was to collect $35,000 , but already they have collected 30,000. This picture prove peoples interest toward this project. According to the creators, the 2014 will be "the year of the Drone".


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