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Digital Bangladesh is growing well with 3G Network

From the year, 2008 Bangladesh has started a new mission of building a new country image with the commitment of Digital Bangladesh. Nowadays we can say that we are really developing and growing as a digital country for our future generation. Recently Bangladesh government has opened next generation mobile and internet connectivity for the people and issued license for 3G network to all of our mobile operators. In Bangladesh currently we have total six mobile operators and they are serving near about four crores of people. These mobile operators are:

  • GrameenPhone

  • Banglalink

  • Robi

  • Airtel

  • TeleTalk

  • CityCell

TeleTalk is the only company that is handled by Bangladesh government and it has started serving 3G network to their customers from the mid of 2013. After that GrameenPhone, Banglalink, Robi and Airtel have started their 3G service chronologically. But currently only TeleTalk is covering the entire country with 3G network and other companies will cover the entire country within 2014.

Because of these 3G network connectivity, people of Bangladesh have stated using internet with more encouragement than before. And most appreciable thing is it is helping our agricultural progress more and more. Because of 3G network connection Bangladeshi farmers can make a direct video call with a very low rate to an agriculture officer for his advice and officer can recommend the right suggestion to the farmers by watching the current situation of crops. It is also helping our telemedicine and more such sectors to grow-up well. So we can say that 3G network is a blessing for our digital Bangladesh and digital Bangladesh is growing well with 3G network.

Currently 80% of Bangladeshi citizens are using mobile phone and 90% of them are familiar with mobile internet. They are collecting news, academic resources, daily tips, recipes etc with mobile internet regularly. I wish all the mobile operators will cover the whole country with their 3G network soon and the vision of our digital Bangladesh will grow smoothly with it.


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