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Nepal says no to GMO

[caption id="attachment_3018" align="alignnone" width="891"]Farmers of Nepal protesting against GMOs. Farmers of Nepal protesting against GMOs.[/caption]

The supreme court of Nepal last week ordered to temporarily ban imports of genetically modified seeds. This follows after a series of protests led by some popular independent youth groups and supported by the public. Since the massive failure of genetically modified maize seeds to yield even basic returns to several farmers across the country in the course of the last few seasons, public sentiment was getting more negative against GMO seed imports.

The decision by Nepal's Supreme Court has been welcomed by many people inside and outside the country. Public sentiment against imported genetically modified seeds had gradually been growing throughout the world. A lot of anti-GMO activists throughout the world have welcomed the decision by the court and have called it a 'landmark'.

Around a month back, news about a local importing company, belonging to a famous corporate house, partnering with one of the biggest genetically modified seed companies in the world had been received negatively by the public. But with the verdict of the supreme court, imports of genetically modified seeds is expected to be stalled for some time.




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